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- - Michael Anthony (Chodzko - Jersey, England)

*** Lysette Anthony (Chodzko)

-- Joe Boreyko Chodzko (Jersey, England)

- Independent, The (London), May 3, 2000 by Neal Ascherson
Obituary: Joseph Chodzko (Joe)
Extrait"The Chodzkos had known everyone and been mixed up in everything. They started as one of those majestic clans in the eastern part of the old Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth who were scattered all over the world by the disaster of the Partitions.
They fought in every imaginable Polish war or insurrection, pitched in with Napoleon against Russia and in Spain, defended Paris in the 1870 siege, fought on many fronts in both world wars. Joe's grandfather Aleksander was an intimate friend of the national poet Adam Mickiewicz, in a Tsarist jail and in Parisian exile. Joe's uncle, a master-mariner, helped to get the young Joseph Conrad started on a sea career at Toulon; his aunt fell adulterously in love with Conrad and drowned herself. One of Joe's cousins gave the last rites to ex-Empress Elisabeth of Austria, as she lay dying from a dagger-wound by Lake Geneva. A striking number of Chodzkos went to sea, most - like Conrad and Joe's own father - ending up under the Red Ensign. Many others, especially the French branch of the clan, became writers and professors. "

*** Adam Chodzko :